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Recently Red and Sweetheart have re-entered the dating world and have started seeing older men. If you know us, this is somewhat surprising and also not. Red and Sweetheart may always be young at heart but the two of us think with our head over our heart. So our question is “Are older Men (10+years) better partners?” “Is age really just a number?” and “How does age effect the way we date?” Please note that this isn’t a Hugh Hefner situation and that it’s just a one-to-one ratio. With these questions being asked, read our stories and find out for yourself!

Also dating someone older? Feel free to message us and tell us your story! 

Reds Story: This story is a bit different. For a few months, I was dating someone who really loved me, within the first two months of being together, he told me so. That was tough because I didn’t feel the same way. Before starting my “career” as a student teacher at the high school level, I decided it would be smart to let him go and focus on school. As most teachers know, student teaching is not easy. I focused on lesson planning, my co-op and my portfolio and before I knew it the ASL interpreter in our class was flirting with me. He was cute but my co-op teacher told me he has been divorced. I have a pretty sticky past as well so I didn’t think twice when he asked to get drinks together. To my surprise, the divorcee and I had a really great date and the conversation was engaging, he was much more attractive outside of our school atmosphere and he wasn’t afraid to tell me what he was looking for. Now to be blunt: I’m not new to the dating world but dating older is new to me, I also plan to leave for a new job in the next few months so we’re keeping things casual..when there’s good company, awesome food and amazing sex involved.. who can say no,right? So here’s the answers to our questions above:

"Are older Men (10+years) better partners?" 

I feel that older men become better partners. I’m speaking from personal experience though and everyone has their opinion. I’ve always dated 2 or 3 years younger than myself and we grew together but there was always something missing, sure they were smart, cute and fun to be around but I found that dating an older man is so much easier. The divorce part is what’s tough. I believe that everyone has baggage and his is more emotional and physical than I will ever know but as we progress, the one thing I can do is build him up. “Magnify peoples strengths-not their weaknesses” I think that he is a great partner even with his faults and as his insecurities are discussed, the best thing a person can be for anyone they date is to listen and be there. 

"Is age really just a number?"

Oh, definitely. The older I get, the more I need to remind myself of this. I may be young in age but I am wise beyond my years and always have been. I feel that everyone is working on something and who says you can’t be fighting the same battles when you’re ten or so years apart? 

"How does age effect the way we date?"

My answer to this is: should it effect the way we date? Should younger men get the boot because of their age or get the same chance as someone older? I would be lying if I said I didn’t treat a 21 yr old man different than a 31 yr old man. In my case, I’m able to speak what’s on my mind, be upfront with how I’m feeling and not feel like I have to justify my actions to the divorcee..he just gets it. I felt that with my past relationships, I had boys that when I said “jump” they would respond with “how high.” I think lots of factors effect the way we date in general. If it wasn’t for my past relationships, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today and give what I have to my current divorcee. 

Be Brave, Bold and last of all- Be You. 


Sweethearts Story:

Where do I begin, I met my guy McSteamy about 2 in a half years ago, and we just instantly clicked as friends. We added each other on Facebook and exchanged numbers, we kept in touch over time. Now personally I always thought McSteamy was hott, but I thought friendship was what we both were looking for. Then one night McSteamy texted me inviting me to the party of one of his close friends, I instantly texted Red asking for advice on if I should say yes or decline, I mean come on who wants to attend a party were they only know one person. In the end, Red said go and have fun…so I accepted the invite and we decided that we would meet up and have dinner before heading to the party. Well as it turned out Friday was Valentines Day, so me being a Single women was sad, until I received a text saying “Well I guess you’re my Valentine, Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart”! 

So, fast forward four months McSteamy and Sweetheart are still going strong. We’ve faced some ups and downs but I have to say I’m really happy and liking where my relationship is heading.  

So the questions posed were “Are older Men (10+years) better partners?” 

I have to say that from experience I believe older men are better partners. I’ve been in the dating world for over 10 years now and have always dated guys a year or so older or a year or so younger, and those relationships ended in heartbreak, lies, cheaters, and guys who never wanted to grow up. I think one of the best things about dating a oldie is that they know what they want, they don’t have a need to beat around the bush, they say and do what they mean. My problem with dating guys my age was that they never really knew what they desired in life or a relationship, so I ended up feeling like I was always the only one putting in to the relationship. 

"Is age really just a number?"

I like to think that age is just a number, we can’t help who we fall in love with. Just as love knows no color, it knows no age either. I will admit that in the beginning of McSteamy and my’s relationship I was a little turned off by his age, and felt that he could do a lot better with someone his own age and not someone almost half his age. I mean what could we possibly have in common, right? Wrong, we tend to share a lot of the same opinions on life, education, and relationships. 

 ”How does age effect the way we date?” 

I think age doesn’t really effect the way we date. Age is only a number, some believe that there is a age limit on people you’re allowed to date, but there’s not I date who I want, and it shouldn’t matter if he’s 2 years or 20 years older than me.  I will admit that age plays a role in the maturity and growth of the relationship. 

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my relationship update!

Keep it Sweet,


“We only obsess over relationships that feel unfinished.” Carrie Bradshaw   (via dylinquent)

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Love has no color

Love has no color



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